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The best long term airconditioning solution for office & Home

  • Over 30 years experience
  • Clever refrigeration and air conditioning designs
  • Competitive prices
  • Always commits to complete the job even when the going gets tough
  • No job is too small.. we even repair domestic refrigerators.
  • Available for after hours call out

We cover all areas of refrigeration and airconditioning from simple split system airconditioning to the most complicated ducted system designs that can utilise energy saving ideas. One draw back with large domestic ducted airconditioners which often have multiple zones is often you can’t just run one zone because the airconditioner blows too much air but this problem is solved with Actronair systems which have variable speed indoor fans that can slow right down and adjust automatically to however many zones you close or open.

We can design simple coldroom refrigeration systems, or state of the art systems using latest technology variable speed drive compressors. We can diagnose and repair old equipment where others are left scratching their heads, of course not everything can be fixed but we’re prepared to give it ago.

We even repair domestic refrigerators and car air conditioning.

We have a reputation of being able to think outside the box and venture where others fear to tread. Our expertise and experience include being flown around the country solving problems that other people couldn’t fix from industrial sized ice makers, to wood drying kilns, and shopping centre air conditioning.

If you have any questions, give us a call. If you would like to see what options are available in regards to air conditioning design, drop into our office and we are only too happy to discuss a range of options.

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We provide a range of services from repairing, servicing and installation of Airconditioners and Refrigerators. We are supplier and repair agent of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Actron Air airconditioners.



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